Leakages In The Roof Platform On Citroën DS And ID Model Cars

Citroën Technical Bulletin Number 51

This was an official Citroën Factory service bulletin, written during the era of the DS's production. It covers completely the process of removing and replacing the roof on older DS's and ID's. It does not cover removal of the roof on newer cars with a roof that was glued on rather than bolted on. I may cover this in a later version of these pages.

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Parts Information for 1966-1969 models:

Some of the materials and procedures are dated, or may not be suitable for cars that are no longer in like new condition. The following should be observed:
  1. When paper tape is mentioned you can used masking tape.
  2. A modern replacement for "mastic" is urethane adhesive. Beige color has been suggested as the original color, but it would be wise to simply match the stuff found on your car.
  3. When doing this or any other restoration work, it is highly advisable to have a parts manual on hand to obtain part numbers. This makes it much easier to find them.
  4. These pages are image heavy. Please be patient during download.

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