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My Friend of 21 years, Floyd
passed on May, 2007

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Another one, with a partner, a Kleinschnittger F 125, built in Germany from 1954-57.
Picture Courtesy of Jint Nijman

CITPAN.jpg (176535 bytes)
My 1968 ID 19 with a Panhard PL 17,

tfrog.jpg (82725 bytes)
The Thunderfrog at Muroc, 1997
world record speed holder in its class


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A Citroën like mine in England, sporting the same bleu camargue/blanc meije paint scheme

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Citroën racers, highly modified. Despite their durability, they were eventually outclassed by higher powered cars. Even so, the D remained unbeatable on dirt and rough terrain far longer then expected.
Picture Courtesy of Arthur Fryling

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Some dog I ran into the other day.

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My car, before it's headlights were "Europeanized". The car now resides in Charlotte, North Cariolina

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