My Old Family Album

As I shuffle through boxes of old photos, I often set special ones aside.

You've probably figured out by now that I am especially fond of Older Technologies. Photography was fast becoming a popular pastime at about the same time phonographs and radios appeared in family parlors. Surviving pictures open a window into the way our ancestors lived. I love to see the old cars and farm equipment. Don't throw those old pictures away, you may have treasures of your own!

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The Aegler Farm. C 1920. What kind of engine is running this buzz saw?

The girl in front is Grandma Bardenwerper. She died in 1979.
Great Grandpa Findenkeller after a good day at the fishin' hole. C. 1920.

Here is Dad with his '50 Hudson Hornet in front of the Officers' Family Barracks at Fort Bliss, Texas, C.1952

Great Grandpa and Grandma on the porch of their Kimberly, Wisconsin home.

Great Grandpa Aegler and his brand new 1917 Model "T". Grandma is in the front with Great Grandma in the back.