Schwimmer DS

This little summary is based on an article in the magazine of the German DS Club, edition 3/1993 by Martin Kraut:

The car is a 1960 ID 19. In 1968 it was transformed by Kurt Fähnrich. The bottom and sides of the car were sealed and the back window and the trunk cover were of one piece and served as the car's only door. When in water, the car was powered by an outboard motor, on land it still used the original ID 19 mechanicals. In 1970 the car got a German TÜV, allowing it to actually be used on the road!

Later the car was enhanced to sail on open sea. It was 7 m long and 2.10 m wide. As the outboard motor was not strong enough, Fähnrich used the ID 19 motor which was moved to the place where former you found the left front seat. With this vehicle he sailed around Helgoland (this is a little island near the German coast). In 1984 the car was given up and stayed at a junk yard where it was discovered by a Citroen fan living in Hamburg. He bought the car and stored it. In 1993 it was offered for sale, but nobody was found who had the time and money to restore it. Sadly, the car was scrapped in about 1994.