Citroën Kegresse Half Track Model

Kegresse Model 1 French-born Adolph Kegresse first developed his half-track designs for the Russian Czar in 1909. His early examples utilized Packard and Rolls-Royce chassis. One principle application was the Austin armored vehicle. The Communist revolution of 1917 forced his emigration to France, where he continued his work with Austin.  Andre Citroën took great interest and he bought up the manufacturing rights. The first examples were based on the B2 touring car.
The B2/10CV's proved themselves by crossing the Sahara Desert in 1922-23 and all of Africa in 1924-25, the famous "Black Journey". Later models were based on Citroën C4/C6 chassis.  From the onset, they were used in many different roles in the French and Polish armor corps and were tried by numerous armies, including the U.S.A.
This model, a P17, is based upon Citroën C4. It is a replica of one of the vehicles used in the "Yellow Journey", a daunting expedition that left Behruit in 1931, split into 2 groups, rejoined later, then completed their journey to Beijing, China in 1932. It is currently owned by Lance Hellman. He found it in an antique store in Massachusetts. I bought one at Lane Motor Museum several years ago. The owner of the museum, Jeff Lane, told me he had bought them at a car show in France and the fellow he bought them from had made them all one at a time. They all are modeled after the same machine.They only had a few and before I left that day, they were sold out. Here's the real thing.

Citroen Kegresse 2